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Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship all over the world. Shipping price is generated depending on purchase and exact location. We are not responsible for additional vat tax or any other fees that may apply by mailing service.

What kind of fabric is your mat made of?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our mats and have spent many hours researching a perfect fabric. That being said, we do not feel comfortable saying exactly what it is. We can guarantee you that it is of the highest quality microfiber fabric.

Do you guys have any other color mats?

Of course! you can have your mat printed whatever color you would like.

Are you guys ever getting a black mat?

Yes! we can now create black mats.

Can I put my mat in the washing machine?

 You can put our mats in the washer machine. We do advise that you first try to hand wash it first with cold water and a hand cloth. If you do choose to put in the washer, use cold water and gentle cycle. Do not put your mat in the dryer, instead, let it air dry.

Can I iron my mat?

We advise that you do not try to iron your mat. If ironed, it may effect the image colors on the mat.

What is the best kind of image to send you so I can get the best quality image on my mat?

We ask that you send us a Hi-Resolution image in the file format of a (.PNG) (.JPG) (.JPEG) (.PSD) (.AI) (.PDF) If possible make sure it is at least 150 DPI and must be RBG color. If it is looks blurry to you then it probably looks blurry to us and is no good for use.

I have an image I really like but want the background cropped out. Can you guys get rid of the background for me?

We can crop out backgrounds and will do minor edits free of charge as a convenience to you. Please keep in mind that we do have other customers we are also trying to help in a timely minor. We do no make actual artwork for you. As an example, if you have three images that you would like cropped out and put on a mat, we can do that for you. If you have an idea of what you want with no actual images provided, we can not help you. Please make sure to have all images ready and available when you inquire to have your mat created.  We will always provide you with a proof before we create your mat.

Can you guys do full face print?

we can literally print whatever you would like.

I like the Omega and Crystal Wing Standard Mats. Do you have any more designs for sale?

We are currently trying to build a small catalog for customers that do not really know what they want, but want a really awesome design. In time we hope to have more of a variety to choose from. We also add mats up on our "PLAY MATS" page randomly. Most of the time these are mats that were created for promotional use and were never actually used. We sale them at discounted price so try to check out what we have for sale every once in while.

I am an artist and would love to submit some of my artwork for your mats. How do I go about doing this?

Great! We are trying to add to our catalog and are always open to a new artist work. Here at MetaMats, we want to try and help new up and coming artist get their name out. We will of course compensate the artist for said work that is created in benefit of MetaMats along with credits on our buy page. If you are interested in submitting artwork or working together please contact us at Dave@metamats.com

I want to order a few mats for my team. Do you guys give discounts for bulk orders?

We start bulk order discounts when three or more mats are purchased at a time. Our discounts vary depending on quantity ordered. Contact us by email for more information.

How long will it take for you to create my mat and ship it to me?

We normally will ask you for your artwork that you would like to be applied to the mat. We then will make a proof for you based on the images and information you provide us. When you are satisfied with the proof of your mat, it generally will take us from 2-10  business days to complete your mat and ship it out to you. Please understand that we create the mats in the order in which we receive them so no one person gets to jump the line. Shipment time may exceed depending on the volume of orders we have.

How big are your mats?

Please take a minute to visit our Mat Template Page. There you can see a full resolution image and even download the image if needed to create your mat.

For any other questions you may have that we did not answer please feel free to reach out to us:



Dave@metamats.com for business inquires

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