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Custom Cloth Play mats


Everything started one day when Dave wanted to have a custom Cloth mat created for himself. He ended up looking online to see if there were any Companies that provided this service, and found out there wasn't. He then went to a local fabric store and picked out a fabric that he thought felt nice. It was a cheap suede that frayed easily. He then bought the tools necessary and drew out an original design on the fabric purchased. He brought it to his local card shop and the response he received was more than what he expected. After many hours of research through trial and error, he created a process to print full color on a cloth mat. And so MetaMats was born.

Dave's passion to create something unique and affordable is the main force behind MetaMats. As a casual player, Dave understands the importance of affordability. Other competitors make a set number of mats and allow you to pre-Order them. This results in the mats being sold only minutes after the release. 

At MetaMats we personally think this business practice is unfair to implement all of the time. While we understand they are trying to create a market for themselves, if you miss it, you have to pay double sometimes triple the original asking price. Like any thriving business, we may be backed up at times but we will do our best to create each customer mat to there liking.

We at MetaMats believe that every player should get a mat that they want at an affordable price.

We strive to provide a customized playing experience to every player, by printing customized playing mats designed by YOU
— MetaMats- Dave

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